For many, “community” is difficult to define because it is so rare in our societies today. For many cultures, there are only two groups that most people associate with; their family and their work colleagues. While these are very important relationships to maintain, they do not always provide true community.

At Believe Fitness, we define community as a group of people, bonded by affiliation or circumstances, who have a mutual care and appreciation of one another. In our pursuit of healthy lifestyles, developing community cannot be neglected. 


Relationships are Powerful Motivators. For most decisions in our lives, the top motivations are almost always found within our family and friends. Why did you choose that school for your kids? Why do you frequent that restaurant? Why do you drive the type of car you drive? Our friends and family have huge influences on our lives. We want that influence to be positive and motivational!

We Need People. Whether we like it or not, we all need support and encouragement to survive. Even the most introverted people are still designed with a need for community. Recognising this need and how many people around us are lacking in this area of their lives, motivates us to connect with more and more people everyday. 

Hard Work is More Fun With Friends. Getting fit is a journey that is better with a community. Group fitness classes are fun with friends and family. Working out is fun when you have people to talk to and workout with. When you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, remembering fun with your gym community is often the motivator you need!

Do you have a community? We can help!

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