Why are the gyms closed?

In accordance to our Prime Minister’s public announcement on 23 April 2020, with regards to nationwide movement control, businesses except those involved in essential services are to be closed until 12 May 2020. At this stage we plan to resume operations on Wednesday, 13 May 2020. This is obviously subject to any further Government rulings and we will keep you closely updated along the way.

What happens to my billing during the MCO period?

Rest assured we will continue to support you when it comes to your membership. We are offering multiple options for membership management including virtual PT sessions, access to Believe Digital, and the option to freeze your account for FREE for May 2020

What do I get with my Membership during MCO?
  • All access to club for any non-MCO period in May
  • 5 Virtual Personal Training sessions
  • Full access to believe Digital
  • Special Access to the lowest additional Virtual PT packages to increase your workouts in May
If I froze my membership for April is my membership automatically frozen for May?

Even if you froze your membership for April you will need to follow our simple form in your email to activate a freeze of your membership for May. We realise everyone has different challenges during MCO, so we have tried to give as many options for membership or freezing as we can to fit the needs of all members.

Can I freeze my membership for a longer period?

Yes, you can. However, longer freezing will be subject to normal rules and conditions and will need to be done once the club are back to operation with staff.

Can I use my virtual PT sessions for in-person sessions in the club?

Virtual PT sessions purchased through packages are redeemable virtually only. Even after MCO is lifted you can still use them from your home or after work, but they cannot be used for in gym/in-person sessions. Perfect for those nights where you work late or days when you are working from home.

Can I use all 5 of my PT sessions for May in one week?

Virtual PT sessions included in your memberships (1 per week for normal membership), must be used in the week they are given OR only one per week. Simply go to the link in Believe Digital to schedule your session for this week.

During MCO can I redeem my pre-paid PT sessions?

Yes, you are welcome to use them by scheduling through the link on Believe Digital and choosing the option marked, “Pre-Paid PT Sessions”.

If I freeze my membership and the gym reopens after 4th MCO can I restart my membership?

Absolutely, we would love to have you back as soon as possible. We will offer a pro-rated membership option to those members who have frozen their membership for the month of May to allow them to restart their membership once MCO is lifted.

What happens if I take the discounted membership option and the MCO is extended further into May?

You will still have access to your two virtual Personal Training sessions for May as well as Believe Digital for the charge of the discounted membership.

What options do I have if I take the discounted membership option and the gym reopens after fourth MCO?

You will be able to maintain access to the gym for the remainder of the month at no additional pro-rate.

How will a LIVE Virtual PT session help me achieve my fitness goals?

Just like our in-club sessions, our LIVE Virtual PT sessions are catered to your goals and capabilities. Our experienced Personal Trainers are prepared to take you to the next level, no matter what your next level is.

During each session your PT will help motivate and encourage you to do more than you thought you could do. They will also ensure you use correct form/technique so that you achieve optimum results and, of course, do each movement safely. You will have that real life connection that helps keep you sweating, yet also, enjoying the workout.