Believe Fitness began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2017 with a mission to provide an exciting new concept within the fitness industry.  It was created to serve as a bridge between traditional big box gyms and small boutique studios. This was achieved by offering a high quality mid-sized gym experience, with a focus on developing community among members and emphasising members overall health. 

In addition to this unique and exciting blend of amenities, it would all be offered at a price that fits nicely into a consumer’s budget. This was, and remains, a bold and ambitious vision. 

As a result of our success executing this model, Believe Fitness is making significant waves in the fitness industry in Southeast Asia. 

Believe Fitness is committed to helping our members achieve their fitness goals and pursuing health in all aspects of their lives. From training staff, company culture, and member interactions this focus on truly valuing each member’s health is built into the brand’s DNA.

The Believe Fitness Ethos


  • every person is wonderfully unique and truly valuable. 
  • physical fitness alone is not enough. Because we love people, our desire is for them to be healthy in all aspects of their lives.   
  • community provides one of the best foundations for pursuing overall health. 


  • to provide high-quality tools to help members pursue a physically healthy lifestyle.
  • to encourage a comprehensive approach to health through the pursuit of truth and healthy relationships.
  • to build a strong, supportive, and engaging community within our clubs.